Flu Vaccine Poster and Smoking Survey

Two important resources from my SOAPM friends.

Part one, from Jose Lopez @ AAP:

SOAPM partnered with the AAP's Childhood Immunization Support Program to
produce the attached poster for AAP members at no charge. Please feel
free to print (11x17 paper) and display it in your practice, we hope
that you like it! Feel free to distribute- we will be posting online
soon. And don't forget to have your practice staff get their flu shots
if they haven't already!

PDF attached herein.

Part two, from Dr. Berman:

As you are aware, there are now CPT codes for smoking cessation
counseling (99406 and 99407).  Since I practice in the "chaw belt" of
the US, this is something I'm starting to use more.  However, the CPT
definition of 99406-7 states the codes should not be
reported when it's the parent/caregiver smoking -- only the child.

As pediatricians, we see lots of kids with recurrent OM, wheezing,
"allergies," etc., where a code for parent smoking might be helpful.
Certainly you can use 99212-5 as a time based code, but that's only if
you spend > half the visit doing counseling.  In
my practice, typically I'll spend the bulk of my time on the child's
issue (OM, cough) and then spend a few minutes talking to the family
about passive smoke exposure.  That is, I don't hit the 50% threshold on

I've done a few Code Change Proposals for CPT before, so I would be
happy to take this on.  But if y'all think this is not needed, or a
Supremely Bad Idea, please be frank.


Would you use a parent/caregiver smoking counseling code?   Take the poll!

Do it!