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July 09, 2007 / 0 Comments / / by Chip Hart

Lest anyone think I'm a communist, I want to make it clear that I don't think a single-payor system is the sole solution to the health care problems in the US.
I don't, however, think it's the Bogey Man that many in our business think it is. I have as many horror stories from HMOs as I do from Medicaid, perhaps more. Politics later, perhaps.
In the meantime, we awake the sleeping giants! One intrepid reader forwarded me this awesome piece of information [now pay-per-view] from AISHealth. I went one minor step forward and have actually added up the results. Check the original [ppv] for the details. The next time you're writing that HMO a letter, you might want to reference this data!  I thought of making the table all pretty, but I've got work to do!

Name/Title Company Total Compensation
William McGuire, M.D., Former Chairman/CEO (retired Nov. 30, 2006) UnitedHealth Group $12,033,514
Stephen Hemsley , President/CEO $14,291,799
Anthony Marlon, M.D., Chairman/CEO/President Sierra Health Services, Inc. $6,482,515
Jonathon Bunker, Senior Vice President, Managed Healthcare Division $2,976,320
Larry Glasscock, Chairman/President/CEO WellPoint, Inc. $19,565,276
David Colby, Vice Chairman/CFO/Executive Vice President $7,942,133
H. Edward Hanway , Chairman/CEO CIGNA Corp. $20,387,623
Michael Bell, Executive Vice President/CFO $5,788,915
Ronald Williams, Chairman/CEO/President Aetna, Inc. $18,504,316
John Rowe, M.D., Former Chairman/CEO (retired Oct. 1, 2006) $25,092,722
Jay Gellert , President/CEO Health Net, Inc. $5,232,780
Anthony Piszel , Former Executive Vice President/CFO (retired Nov. 10, 2006) $2,525,753
Michael Neidorff , Chairman/CEO Centene Corp. $8,046,309
Karey Witty, Senior Vice President, Health Plan Business $878,610
Michael McCallister , President/CEO Humana Inc. $5,255,717
James Murray, COO $2,463,741
Dale Wolf, CEO Coventry Health Care, Inc. $12,937,001
Thomas McDonough, President $9,432,787
Robert Pollock, President/CEO Assurant, Inc. $3,875,204
Philip Bruce Camacho, Executive Vice President/CFO $2,862,322
J. Mario Molina, M.D., President/CEO Molina Healthcare, Inc. $1,000,947
John Molina, CFO $844,300
Jeffrey McWaters , CEO AMERIGROUP Corp. $3,198,382
James Carlson, President/COO $2,600,812
Herbert Fritch, President/CEO HealthSpring , Inc. $1,446,440
Jeffrey Rothenberger , Executive Vice President/COO $1,059,440
Todd Farha , Chairman/President/CEO WellCare Health Plans, Inc. $5,270,825
Paul Behrens, Senior Vice President/CFO $984,177
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