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E&M Coding "Cheat Sheet"

June 26, 2008 / 2 Comments / in coding, pediatric, aap / by Chip Hart

I almost forgot about this, but Igor mentioned that a client asked for it, so here we are.I got the original idea from a couple sources, including the GA AAP and Island Coast Pediatrics a long time ago and posted their samples on PCC. The concept is to create a little E&M cheat sheet for the docs to carry around in their pockets (perhaps even laminated) to help improve E&M coding. I've always encouraged our clients to put them, instead, on each encounter form or perhaps on the chart template. After hand-making these about a dozen times, here are some good samples for your own practice. This is a draft - let me know if you see any mistakes!

cheat_sheatThe format is simple: 8 inches wide, 1 inch high (I also made one that's 4"x1"). I have one with color, one with different fonts. You can definitely make it smaller. I have included an OpenOffice version, Word Version, and PDF.If someone wants a different layout, content, etc., let me know. [Yes, I know it's misspelled, I was enjoying myself.]UPDATE: There is a new version here.

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