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EHR Impact On Time In Primary Care

June 17, 2015 / 0 Comments / in ehr / by Chip Hart

A few weeks ago, we encouraged you to complete a survey hosted by Physicians' Alliance.  The goal was to look into the great EHR skeleton-in-the-closet issue: how much extra time has your EHR taken from your day?  I have a survey over there on the right which indicates a significant number of practices are spending an extra hour or more at the end of every day just to catch up with charts.

PhysAll has now published the first round of results from the survey and they unfortunately confirm what we see in the field: many practices have lost time and productivity to their EHRs.  I think of it as a subsidy to both the EHR vendors and healthcare in general that only the physicians are paying.

35% of you are spending more than an hour at the end of the day doing charting?  46% of you have seen a decrease in productivity?

I look forward to the results in their next installment.

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