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Convenience Clinics

June 06, 2010 / 0 Comments / in practice management / by Chip Hart

I'm finishing up the weekend here in Skytop, PA, where I've tried to contribute to the annual Goryeb/Atlantic Health conference.  I always enjoy the experience but my family enjoys it even more...  The feedback I hear is that the clinical component is always excellent and it's a pleasure to run into old friends, especially the PCC customers.

Dr. Allen Menkin, of Main Street Vaccines fame - you may recall our piece about him in a previous installment - pointed me to the running blog at his practice WWW site.  Although this link will age out shortly because of how they designed their page, at the moment they have an interesting editorial about "Convenience Clinics" that is worth sharing.  If you're reading this sometime after June, 2010, look for their May 2010 posting.  I particularly enjoyed their graphic.

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