Coding and Practice Management Followup

Whew - after the conference on the 21st, I then spent a week in DC with my family (woohoo!) and have returned to over 160 follow-up questions that PCC has promised to answer. Those who attended the conference will receive a password-protected URL, just like last time, in a few weeks when we're done.

How'd we do? Thanks to 75+% of the folks who completed our brief survey, here are our scores (using a standard CEU survey):

Question Score (1-4)
Knowledge of Subject 4.00
Preparation/Presentation 4.00
Class Materials 3.85
Time Spent Covering Information 3.86
How would you rate seminar overall 3.94
Not bad, if you ask me. A nearly perfect score from the attendees, overall. Of course, I note the "nearly" - something to strive for, I guess. Space-wise, this was a big improvement over NYC (which, given the cost, is a good thing).

Thanks to the AAP and Drs. Tuck and Lander for their help.

Meanwhile, if you missed this event, please note that we are hoping to continue this event in the fall (Cincinnati, Rochester) and next spring (Seattle?). Any input on times and locations requested. However, you can also come to beautiful, summertime Vermont and get a full-blown pediatric practice management extravaganza, too.

More when I catch up, plenty of goodies to share.