Busted at C-C-H-I-T

In the midst of our CCHIT Guidance morning, we've been getting a bit of a lecture about how to communicate issues relating to CCHIT. Who speaks for whom, what information we can share, etc. There was, in fact, a slide specifically telling us to call it C-C-H-I-T and not C-CHIT (as I've only heard it called until here), an event that approached satire. Then, to my surprise (and their credit), Rick Turoczy mentioned the "bloggers out there" and mentioned that we have to be careful not to misstate the fact that we don't speak for C-C-H-I-T (which I hope I haven't done) or share non-public information. And then he called me out by name. Yikes.

I don't think he knows what I look like, so I can hide from him for a little bit.

One thing I find funny is that during the orientation kick-off yesterday (with about 50 people) and today with the entire group (with 200), about 1/2 or more of the questions are asked by people from the Child Health workgroup. Yesterday, John, Dr. Kressly, Dr. Yu, and I were easily the pushiest folks. Yes, we are pains in the butt.

So, my opinions related to the EHR certification process are my opinions only. I certainly don't speak for CCHIT!

Rick, stop by here and say hello.

I may have some more, legit comments about this process so far later, but I also have a stack of other data for folks to come, too. And I have to prepare for our UC.

[As for how to pronounce the name of this org, I think they are swimming upstream. All the brand identity work in the world can't undue every doc and OM calling it C-CHIT. I'll do my best, though.]

Update: I introduced myself to Rick and I we had a nice chat. I think my future critiques of C C H I T (presuming I have some, of course) will be welcomed.