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Because We Love RVUs (2006 vs. 2007)

I've had a request to post some information about the 2008 RVU impact, but I've decided to wait a day or two for the dust to settle about the latest news. Hope you don't mind. In the meantime, let's return to a simpler time...like this year...when the only curve-ball is the Budget Neutrality adjustment. Igor was looking at the soon-to-be-ready benchmarks for 2007 and realized that the average price for PCC customers dropped from 150% of Medicare to 147% of Medicare. Alarm bells! We both agreed that the largest culprit would be the increase in RVU values to E&M codes that outpaced our customers' corresponding price increases. Let's check!

CPT Code 2006 AVG RVU 2007 AVG RVU 2006 AVG FACF 2007 AVG FACF RVU Diff $$ Diff
99212 1.04 1.05 151% 155% +1% +3%
99213 1.43 1.71 151% 133% +19% -12%
99214 2.3 2.61 141% 129% +13% -9%
99215 3.31 3.51 141% 140% +6% -1%

Because I never have enough time to make tables properly, here's a quick explanation. In 2006, the average RVU value for our customers for a 99214 was 2.3 RVUs. In 2007 it was 2.61 (a 13% increase, as noted in column 6). In 2006, the average PCC customer charged 141% of Medicare for a 99214, but that dropped to 129% in 2007 (a 9% drop, as indicated in column 7). In absolute terms, you can see that the customer price for a 99214 went up 4% (the difference between columns 6 and 7), but that wasn't enough to keep pace with the RVU changes. Interesting. At least to us RVU nerds.

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