Another OSS Update (+CCHIT)

I am in lovely Chicago prepping for my CCHIT Child Health Group meeting over the next two days. Most of my prep has been practicing saying C-C-H-I-T instead of "C-CHIT". Apparently, the latter is gauche.

On the list of 12 other members of our workgroup, I believe I know three folks already. Nearly all of the others are MDs and all but one or two work for BIG organizations. Given that I lack the aforementioned MD - or MBA, MPH, PhD, MSHI, or PharmD - that my co-members have, we'll see how much I stick out tomorrow. I don't believe that the events are private and I do intend to take notes, so whatever I can share, I will share. Whatever I can't, I won't. I have heard from a few folks (our EHR using clients) who have some input, I'll let you know what happens!

Meanwhile, here's an update? rewrite? another view? of a piece I covered almost 2 months back about hospitals dumping Exchange for OSS solutions.