Anne Francis, M.D. for AAP President-Elect

Within the AAP, there are some fairly strict/arcane/goofy rules about campaigning for AAP President-Elect.  Most AAP members here are aware of how it works.

I, however, am not an AAP member!  So, I can campaign for whomever I wish without breaking any rules.

There has been a positive shift in the AAP's work with private pediatricians over the last few years, and Dr. Francis is a major part of that change.  The rest of you know who you are.

More importantly, whether or not you agree with her positions, AAP members are really bad about voting for their leadership.  Given all the complaints I've heard from AAP members over the year (a considerable amount), you can't blame someone else when you get another non-practicing pediatrician and you didn't vote...

So, come learn about one of the two AAP nominees at Dr. Francis' personal site: