AAP RBRVS Policy Statement (+PP)

The AAP has updated and revised its RBRVS policy statement and it is included in December's Pediatrics.  Yours truly provides the full PDF here, as it remains the best description of the state of RVUs and pediatrics (thanks Siousxie and the COCN).  A Grafton Cheddar cheese prize for the first person who spots the grammatical mistake in the article!

In the meantime, I was in Physician's Practice magazine again recently, but I have to admit not remembering giving those quotes.  Another publication also ran something I supposedly said, but the grammar in what was attributed to me was so disappointing that I won't claim it.  So often, I notice that my quotes are not quite what or how I said something, but the gist is close enough that it seems silly to complain.  I need to pay more attention.

Still, the piece about is still worth reading, regardless of my contribution.