I didn't think I'd have time this morning, but here's what I can do in 15 minutes:

  • Bright Futures 3 was released yesterday, officially.  I will get the press release when I remember to track it down.  This isn't Bright Futures of old, this is the new gold standard for preventive care.
  • In a related matter, we have an unofficial, informal agreement with our first EHR beta-tester.  Whoo hoo.  IIRC, we'll be installing right after the winter holidays.  Sure, plenty of people have played with the program from our design site, but this will be real.  Cool.
  • Dinner last night with 30 customers and friends was a great time, though too much like a wedding where you can't possibly spend time with everyone you want.  I did hear from a number of folks that the speech by James Heckman about the economic impact of early development (vs. later intervention) for children. I regret not seeing it - if anyone knows where to get a transcript, please let me know!
  • I also regret not being able to attend Drs. Lessin's and Harbaugh's discussion about growing a practice.  If only to heckle them :-)  I cornered poor Dr. Zarin about it later and then Dr. Lessin appeared to pitch in.  It sounds like it, too, was an excellent talk.
  • I also heard some pleased amazement that Dr. Berkelhamer's address mentioned SOAPM directly.  Also cool.
  • Ran into Dr. Ginny Marcus who was instrumental in the success of the recent Imms Registry meeting we helped with at the AAP recently.  I thank [fill-in-your-deity] for active AAP folks like her.

Whoops, gotta' run to the convention center!  See you there!