96110 Billing Problems

Many of you are familiar with the 96110 RVU snafu at the beginning of 2012.  CMS removed all the RVUs for the 96110 and then, with the help of the AAP making noise, replaced the values.

Apparently, a number of  payers took this as an opportunity to stop paying on the 96110 altogether. Sigh.

We did a quick check after hearing numerous complaints on SOAPM and PedTalk - it looks like there has been a slight tick in 96110 payments, but not an outright denial.  Please share your experience!

96110 Details

[click on the image to get a close up]

 It looks to me as though the payments started slowing pre-2012, so we can't blame CMS.  Note that our client charges also drop - perhaps PCC added enough new clients using this procedure that our sample changed?

Input welcomed.