5 Ways Physicians Can Profit from Using an EMR

Back in March, I reacted to a piece from softwareadvice.com about CCHIT certification and even though I ripped through it honestly, I think they were appreciative of the coverage and sent me a reference to a new piece:

5 Ways Physicians Can Profit from Using an EMR.

I'm on vacation this week, so I don't have the time to go through it like I did the other piece, but I think it does a decent job of touching on most of the big ROI features of an EHR. However, I think it's missing a few much more important items:

  • Time saved by the physician. Many of our clients, once they get good at using their EHRs, find themselves leaving on time at the end of the day or not having to track down charts themselves. What's that worth?
  • Remote access! It's 3am and you get that emergency call. Electronic access to your records can be priceless.
  • Most importantly: the opportunity to provide much better care. Whether it's medication checks, clinical warnings, legible notes, etc., etc., the primary benefit of your EHR had better go to your patients - and reap the benefits of that!

Still, I wouldn't toss up this reference if it weren't a helpful, quick read, especially knowing that softwareadvice.com supports many of our competitors!

In a week or two, I am going to rip through their piece about ASPs!