2023 Telemedicine Requirement Grid [and some conference hype!]

Remind me, again, which of the almost 2-dozen 'telemedicine' codes can only be done by a physician (vs. a qualified non-physician)?  Which ones can't be used if an E&M has been billed in the last seven days?  Or if a decision is made to schedule an appointment in the next twenty-four hours?  

I seriously can't remember.  Fortunately, Jan Blanchard did the work for us.  Check out this nicely laid out table for you and your billers.  Well done!  Click on it to download the pdf.

Telemed Requirements

In the meantime, I am working with some friends to produce an event in November - the Pediatric CEO Intensive.  Some of the details so far: 

Coming November 10-12, 2023 in Charlotte, NC, we’re hosting the first ever Pediatric CEO Intensive. We have the best speakers and the best content at this intimate and personalized event.  

What this is:

What this isn’t: The Practice Management 101 content you’ve heard before.

Our topics include succession planning, your CEO mindset, advanced financial principles, and so much more. And of course we will leverage all of the networking you’d expect from a high-level event like this.

We'll also be announcing a big-name guest speaker soon, so join our waitlist now to be the first to hear.

This conference is for you if…

  • You see yourself as the visionary of your practice
  • You want to create a roadmap for yourself and your practice
  • You want to collaborate with other physicians just like you

This conference isn’t yet for you if…

  • You are struggling to figure out day-to-day practice operations
  • You don’t make decisions in your practice
  • You don’t see yourself as the most valuable player of your team

We’ll be releasing more details about the agenda and faculty soon but we’re excited to say it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve seen before in the pediatric education space.

Sign up to get on the announcement list, I'll have more information here slowly.