2012 Charles "Buzzy" Vanchiere Award

My sincere congratulations go to Dr. Ed Zissman, the 2012 Charles "Buzzy" Vanchiere Award winner.  PCC is delighted to sponsor the award every year.

On behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Administration and Practice Management, I would like to congratulate Edward Zissman, MD, FAAP on being selected to receive the 2012 Charles “Buzzy” Vanchiere Award! This award recognizes a pediatrician who has made outstanding contributions toward helping pediatricians build effective managerial skills and providing training and tools for fellows to negotiate preferential use of pediatric care and appropriate compensation.

The award will be presented during the 2012 AAP National Conference and Exhibition (NCE) in New Orleans, LA at the Vanchiere Award Luncheon. Details on the Vanchiere Award Luncheon with information on how to attend will be sent shortly.

Please join me in congratulating Dr Zissman as the 2012 Charles "Buzzy" Vanchiere Award recipient.

Edward Zissman, MD, FAAP has been voted the 2012 recipient of the Buzzy Vanchiere Award for outstanding service and achievement in pediatric practice management. Dr. Zissman’s leadership within the AAP began with chairing the Florida AAP’s committee on child health care finance.

He was instrumental in forcing the state of Florida to provide equal access to children’s health services through fair payments and adequate networks in the Medicaid system. At the national level, Dr. Zissman has served as the chair of the original AAP CPT Coder’s Training Network, and served on the executive committees of both the Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) and the Committee on Child Health Care Finance (COCHF). He served as Vice-Chair for District X from 2008 to 2011. Most recently, he has forged an alliance between the AAP, CDC, FDA and the vaccine pharmaceutical companies to implement two dimensional bar coding of vaccines in his role as vice-chair of the AAP’s ad hoc committee on vaccine bar coding.

Dr. Zissman is tireless in his efforts to promote the highest quality pediatric care to children and best practices in pediatric practice