2012 96110 Update - Good News [Update]

It looks like your hard work paid off!  From a CMS bulletin dated 12/29/2011:

This change resulted in many questions and potentially unintended consequences for other payers. We want to be clear that Medicaid and other private payers will be able to continue to use code 96110 even though it is a statutorily non-covered service under Medicare. In addition, many State Medicaid programs rely upon Medicare-published relative value units, including those associated with code 96110. At the request of Medicaid and concerned stakeholders, in the next few weeks Medicare will provide the relative value units for this code.

You can read the entire thing here. My thanks Robin Harpole for spotting this.  Why no word from the AAP, yet?

Update: The AAP speaks!

"Revised payment files to reflect corrections and revisions to the physician update amount will be posted on the Physician Fee Schedule portion of the CMS website in the near future. In the meantime, the payment rate for code 96110 will be based on 0.28 total RVUs (0.27 practice expense and 0.01

Good work!