2011 Users' Conference

So many blogs to write, so little time.  I have a doozy coming, perhaps tomorrow.  In the meantime, let me talk again about our 2011 Users' Conference.

Ms. Moneypenny at PCC just sent out the following interesting statistics about the event on July 18-22.

* We have 145 students registered

* These folks represent 56 different offices

* 35 of the students are physicians

* There are 15 offices sending just 1 person

* There are 21 offices sending 2 people

* There are 8 offices sending 3 people

* There are 6 offices sending 4 people

* There are 2 offices sending 5 people

* There are 3 offices sending 6 people

* There is 1 office sending 12 people!

Registrations continue to come in, so the numbers keep on climbing!

I sincerely believe it is the best pediatric practice management seminar in the US, year after year.  Great speakers, great topics, lots of networking.  Our most common complaint is that the attendees can't choose which class to go to!

The AAP will present some content (re: SOAPM), Brandon Betancourt will make his debut, Susanne Madden is doing a great piece on becoming PCMH certified, and an awesome surprise guest speaker will be covering pediatric legal issues.  And a lot more.  Check out the course details!