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Well Visit Coverage and Appointment Depth

Ever find a dollar bill in your pocket?  Bonus!  Today’s episode is just like that…I was searching through my pile of data files looking for something when I stumbled upon an analysis I put together last year but forgot to share: does appointment depth affect well visit coverage? What is appointment depth?  It’s my term …


Sick-to-Well Visit Ratio Update

A question on the SOAPM list this morning made me realize that I haven’t updated the S:W ratio data here in quite some time.  The ratio has maintained a steady drop since we started measuring and with good reasons: Vaccines work Practices are paying attention to preventive care We’ve had a few low-viral seasons High …


96110 Coverage During Well Visits

This blog is going to raise more questions than it answers, but one let’s get one of the few clear answers we have out of the way: pediatricians do not appear to follow Bright Futures’ periodicity schedule for developmental screening.  I realize that may not shock many of you, but you might be shocked to …


Well Visit Coverage Data

I love pediatric benchmarks.  Knowing the real underlying behavior in my clients’ offices helps me speak to them and understand them better.  There’s a particular joy and insight to finding data that challenges the status quo understanding that physicians have of their own offices. Here’s one, and this is very, very interesting data.  Ask a …


Pediatric Benchmark: Sick-to-Well Visit Ratio

A long time ago, PCC came up with the concept of an important pediatric clinical measurement, the Sick-to-Well Visit ratio.  The concept was straightforward: how could we encapsulate, in a single number, a practice’s focus on providing preventive care? The ratio and another (intentional) use – it’s a really good indicator of the financial health …


Revenue Per Visit Benchmark For Pediatricians

A little over a week ago I gave my standard “Pediatric Benchmarks” talk (newly updated with some fascinating clinical benchmarks!) and I found myself summarizing the two or three most important measures I use when consulting for practices.  I suppose it’s ranking your favorite vital signs – they are all useful, and they all require …


More January 2014 Visit Volume Research

Last week, I posted some data about national visit volume that I hope made clear that the perceived dip in the January 2014 visit volume was largely cyclical and weather related.  Sure, there are some practices whose variance isn’t explained so easily.  For example, one of the comments I received reflected my thoughts: “I think …


January 2014 Visit Volume

[Back from vacation!] Starting in mid-January, we began to hear rumblings and then outright panic from our clients about their patient volume diving steeply.  Although most practices recognized the impact of the crazy weather and practice/school closings, the most common explanation I heard was that “high deductible health plans” are to blame for the big …