Work/Life Balance Teaser and Gameification

* Don't miss my request at the bottom of today's post.

Sometimes I have so much to share, I don't have time to share it.  Two big projects are dominating my time right now:

  • We are preparing the second issue of Independent Pediatrician.  That's right, we're closing in quickly on the second issue, we want to have it ready in time for our User's Conference in 3 weeks (more on that below).  We have more interviews with both cutting edge and "classic" independent practices, some interesting pediatric data, and the results of a survey we did about Work/Life balance among pediatricians.One sneak peek I'll give you: when we were looking for the variables that affect the Work/Life balance of pediatricians, three of them appear to have little or no effect across the respondents: the gender of the pediatrician, whether the pediatrician is an owner/partner or not, and whether or not the pediatrician has dependent children at home. In other words, men and women feel equally overworked as pediatricians. As do owners vs. employers. And those who have kids in school and those who don't. I thought that each of those variables might factor into workload satisfaction, but they do not.To find out what does play a factor, you'll have to wait for us to release the issue shortly. Thanks, again, to all of those who responded to the original survey, we got some great data that I'm glad to share with the world.
  • The PCC Users' Conference is in full prep mode, though I am behind on some of my classes (nothing new there).  We are excited for The Verden Group's pre-conference day on PCMH and our array of usual great third party speakers.  I don't want to oversell it, but one class in particular is really, really intriguing - Robin Warner's "Gameification" class.  Only a few of us have had a chance to preview the material and it looks awesome.  To prepare for this class, we're asking interested parties to respond to a quick survey regarding patient engagement.  You can literally answer the questions in 30 seconds or less.  I'll even share the results, of course.

More soon - more Awesomecasts, more data, more everything.