Win an iPad For Immunizations

No, my blog has not been taken over by spammers.  It's for real.

Our friends at CDC are doing a survey about immunization usage and they are giving away 10 iPads to among those who participate.  Hard to beat the opportunity, especially for PCC clients for whom the data collection process takes 3 minutes.

While you're at it, you really need to participate in this survey from the AAP's COCN about Vision Screening.  To quote:

As you know, vision screening is an important part of well child visits and is
a separately identifiable and reportable service.  There have been nifty
recent developments in office-based screening methods for refractive errors and
amblyopia.  However, the official definitions of CPT codes for vision
screening do not include some of the new methods; thus, it is hard to say
whether they are resource-valued appropriately.  In addition, some
pediatricians are afraid to bill for services when the CPT code is ambiguous,
fearing an audit, or that the CPT code will only be recognized as payable if
billed by an eye care specialist.

Pediatricians have typically shot themselves in the foot from year to year when it comes to valuing their work.  Here's a simple, easy way to do your part.