Will A Swine Flu Boycott Work?

If I boycott the swine flu, is that as good as a vaccination?

You see, I really want to talk about something else, but I can't hold off forever.

  • For example, I should be talking about our next AAP endorsed Pediatric Coding and Practice Management Conference.  Woohoo!  Miami, on January 29!  Also sponsored by the Masters in Pediatrics program, which is part of the University of Miami.  I am particularly excited to see Dr. Tuck do his "Coding: A Day In The Life of a Pediatrician."  I don't know if it will be his first run, but it's close.
  • How cool is this ICD-9 2010 Coding Cube Template?  I don't know whose idea it was here at PCC, but I love it.  If you're more of a 2 dimensional thinker, you may prefer our ICD-9 2010 Cheatsheet.  All for pediatricians, of course.  Sometimes, PCC amazes even me.
  • I am so disappointed in the voting results from the AAP election that I can't even talk about it.
  • All it takes is one person to ask me "Pretty, please?" and I will post some fascinating provider productivity data (read: real $$ info!) Igor gathered.
  • OK, I can't avoid the swine flu.  PCC, as usual, is helping the world by gathering H1N1 information from a practice management perspective.  The first of a series of articles.