Why Get A Checkup?  Check out these awesome posters...

The culmination of ten years of conversation finally comes to fruition!  I'll let Dr. Bowman speak for himself:

"Probably 10 or more years ago I was at my first practice management conference, in the basement of the Masonic Hall (I think) in Manhattan, and one of the speakers was Chip Hart. It was my first practice management conference. During his talk, Chip challenged the audience to consider why parents would want to bring their kids in to the doctor’s office each year if they appeared healthy. That comment planted a seed about trying to -tell- parents why in a visual, brief, clear way.

For the past 10 years I have had this on my mind, and have been waiting for either the time or talent (neither came to me) to create a poster. Fortunately in that decade my daughter got old enough, and talented enough to develop some visual design skills, and created a prototype series of posters that have since been made professional. 
So as the culmination of that decade long process, with the help of PCC and Chip Hart, these posters are now available for purchase. 
Through the storefront, I have tried to keep costs low, ultimately to get just back my costs in development. Please peruse them, and consider using them in halls, waiting rooms, to help inform parents why checkups are important, and the work we all do instinctively while we sit, talk, play, and gather information during a visit. 
There are two versions of the poster. 
  • One my daughter called “nice” which has general categories of screening that we do. This one is “simple” on the website.
  • One my daughter called “harsh” which is called “complex” on the website. It uses diagnoses, that my partners felt might be too scary or worrisome for parents. This however was my favorite, because it is direct and honest.

Brian Bowman, MD, PhD"

Here's the cool part: each poster has the ability for you to upload your logo, which will be attached to the bottom of the poster, at no additional cost. You will likely need to upload the logo for each poster you might choose, but having it individually branded in your space would be great!

Head to https://tinyurl.com/checkup-posters and order a couple for your practice.  All it takes is ONE FAMILY to understand the importance of next year's well visit to pay for the posters.