What Pediatricians Need To Know About the 2021 E&M Changes! (feat. Jan Blanchard)

I sat down with - virtually, anyway - with PCC's certified coding expert, Jan Blanchard, to discuss the impact of the 2021 changes to E&M charting and coding.  

The potential impact of the new E&M rules on your workflow and revenue is substantial.  And largely positive.  

Jan walks us through what we need to know about the new focus on MDM and redefinition of time then I followup with a review of the RVU impact.

You can watch it all below, no need to "sign in" or give anyone your email address.  It's free because we love you all! :-)

Before you watch it, I'd like to remind everyone about the Women In Pediatrics conference next weekend.  The deadline to sign up is soon and I think the event fills an important, long-standing gap in the professional development of the largest segment of pediatricians: women.