VFC vs. Private Flu Vaccine Delivery Survey

What's been eating up my time?  The entire 2011 imms admin debacle.  This could be a lottery ticket for some practices, but it's going to make your billers' lives miserable.  I'll reveal the results of our research shortly, but in the meantime, we have some important VFC vs. private flu vaccine delivery analysis needed.

As many of you know, your VFC vaccines can often show up weeks or months after your private vaccines.  For the flu shot, this is a big deal.  CDC is actually interested in fixing this problem, thanks to "Lewis Skolnick," a lowly pediatrician in North Carolina.

His important note to y'all:

As promised, here is the survey about Private vs VFC flu vaccine delivery.

We plan to use this info to find both the success stories and disasters,
and focus the bright light of CDC and AAP attention where the problems
are.  We really want to find the success stories so we can spread the
best practices and remove this disparity in healthcare that kids covered
by VFC currently experience.

I have always felt that nothing perfectly encapsulates the
challenges of healthcare in the US like flu vaccine- It is cheap,
prevents morbidity/mortality, and every year it is a huge headache for
the docs. Surely the richest and most powerful country in the history of
the world can do better for its children?

Please get us the exact dates from your charge RNs.  I appreciate
everyone who responded to the original email request, but still ask that
everyone enter the data into this survey tool so we have all the info
in an organized fashion to present to CDC.


I'd love to try to get this done within the next week so we can keep moving the ball down the field in the right direction!

Thanks everyone!

Get to it, folks!