VFC Vaccine Survey

About a year ago, I posted a link to a survey for anyone here who gives VFC vaccines.  If you do, please take 3 minutes to respond to this. The AAP is working hard to get VFC flu shot distribution fixed.

I'll let Dr. Diasio speak for himself.

We are continuing to try to improve the distribution of VFC flu vaccine so that VFC eligible children can get flu vaccine at the same time as privately insured children.

Please help us fix this bureaucratic Healthcare Disparity by completing this survey- even if your state is perfect, please share that information so we can show your state as a good example.


We have discovered through our prior work that states have *widely* variable processes to distribute the VFC flu vaccine once it is awarded to the state by CDC.  We plan to share the best practices so we achieve our mutual goal of protecting every child.

We are running the survey early this year because our new AAP CEO, Dr. Karen Remley, a former state health director, has a meeting with CDC in a few weeks and we want her to have the best possible data to press our case.

If you have multiple offices and the flu vaccine arrived at different times (Office A got its VFC flu vaccine 2 weeks before Office B) please complete the survey for each office (e.g.- ABC pediatrics- Lake Wobegon, ABC-Pediatrics- Anytown)

Please let me (cdiasio@gmail.com) or Elizabeth Sobczyk <ESobczyk@aap.org> if you have any questions.




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