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VFC Flu Vaccine Delay Survey

March 06, 2015 / 0 Comments / in aap, benchmarks / by Chip Hart

Yes, I am asking you to complete another survey.  But it's vital and fast - and needs to be done this weekend!  And the topic is especially timely.  Our last survey here got picked up by the national media.  Let's see what we can do here to change VFC vaccine delivery.  The survey is here, but read below for what it's about:


Pediatricians have been frustrated for years that flu vaccine for children who qualify for VFC often arrives much later than private flu vaccine.  This is particularly frustrating since the flu vaccine for VFC is often made in the exact same factory as the private flu vaccine.  SOAPM did a survey several years ago that revealed tremendous variation nationwide in the gap between when private and VFC flu vaccine for children arrives.  This is a bureaucratic health care disparity that we can make disappear IF we have the practice-level data on when your flu vaccine arrives.  The AAP and SOAPM has been engaging with Federal and state health officials to try to improve this process.  SOAPM has a discussion with immunization managers on Monday 3/9/15 and we would love more data.

Please help us by completing the survey- let's celebrate the great states and have them share their expertise with the states that have opportunities to improve.

Christoph Diasio MD FAAP



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