Verden Group's First Managed Care Report

Awesome, just awesome. I love it.

Over at The Verden Group, they've been busy working on their quarterly ranking program of the 160+ managed care organizations they track. They've developed a unique scoring system that allows you to see, in a wonderful graphic, exactly which insurance companies stink the most.

Perhaps I'll go on in detail later, but don't waste your time reading me today. Read the report. I'll just hit some of the text from the description:

The goal of the Verden rankings system is to evaluate how well or poorly managed care companies (Payers) are performing from the perspective of physician practice management...Our analysis is composed of five categories in which each insurance company was given a score. The more points accumulated, the worse the company fared. Points were designated based on multiple criteria, with each metric carrying a different weight.

You'll be surprised at a few of the rankings, but not all. You can finally quantify your instincts, though! Sneak peek: