Tips on Building Pediatric Practice Revenue: Three Summer Success Stories on Increasing Well Visits

Recently, we had the bright idea to take a look at some of our UC Dashboard winners to learn if there were any patterns that we could identify as Best Practices in order to share with everyone else.  Our first stab was more fruitful than I expected.

What am I talking about?  Every year, at the PCC Users' Conference, we give out awards to the practices with the best scores in the PCC Dashboard for things like "Best Financial Performance" or "Best Immunization Coverage."  The first year we did it it was really just for fun, but the awards have evolved into something everyone takes a lot more seriously - and why not?  If some practices have figured out the secret to having nearly perfect Developmental Screening coverage, wouldn't we all want to know about it?  And is anyone surprised that there is a very positive correlation between the practices with the best clinical and financial scores?

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago and we thought we'd check in with some of the top practices in the country for well visit coverage.  This is a topic that's near-and-dear to me because I think well visits are the most important factor that determines the clinical and financial success of a practice.   I've written about it here plenty of times.  Here's a free webinar about patient recall devoted to this subject!

When we asked for their well visit coverage secrets, what did two of the three practices say outright?  That scheduling out a year made a big difference.  This topic gives me more pushback than nearly anything I ever speak about, so pay attention here if you don't believe me.  The practices with the best well visit coverage (and all of the success that encompasses) schedule out a year.  Go read the piece, I promise I didn't pay them to say that :-) I already shared data which supports their position, but now you can hear it from the busy practices themselves.