Time Is Running Out to Participate in the BCBS Settlement

Update: to see if your BCBS is part of the settlement, check this AMA map [links removed].

The deadline for participating in the massive ($130,000,000!) class action settlement against Blue Cross Blue Shield is in 10 days. If you haven't signed up or haven't even considered signing up to, head here to figure out why not! You have until October 19 to get your claims in [links removed].

Details from the Q&A:
1. What is this Settlement about?

The Complaint in the Action alleges, among other things, that between 1999 and the present, the Blue Parties, among others, engaged in a conspiracy to improperly deny, delay, and/or reduce payments to physicians....

3. Am I covered by this Settlement (Class Definition)?

The proposed Settlement with the Blue Parties will be on behalf of the following Persons:

"Class" means any and all Physicians, Physician Groups and Physician Organizations who provided Covered Services to any Plan Member or services to any individual enrolled in or covered by a Plan offered or administered by any Person named as a defendant in the Complaint or by any other primary licensee of the BCBSA or by any of their respective current or former subsidiaries or Affiliates, in each case from May 22, 1999 through May 31, 2007. The Class shall exclude: (i) all Persons who, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, execute a timely request for exclusion (Opt-Out) from the Class; and (ii) the Blue Parties, their Affiliates and any of their officers, directors, and employees...

16. Do I need to do anything now?

If you want to remain in the class and participate in the Proposed Settlement, you may submit the Claim Form now, by following the instructions on the Claim Form. You are not required to submit a Claim Form to remain in the class. If you want to remain in the class, but do not want to submit a claim, you do not need to do anything. You will still be a member of the class if the Settlement is approved unless you exclude yourself by following the Opt-Out procedures.

This is your money. Go get it.