The Verden Effect

A couple weeks ago, the Verden Alert gave me this little notice about Oxford:

Please note that in an effort to become more transparent and communicate more clearly, Oxford has modified its policy change listings. Oxford now posts exactly what revisions have been made to its changed policies.

Interesting, because happened shortly after the release of the Verden Report, showing Oxford at the bottom of the pile when it comes to transparency and clarity. Is it possible they were listening? Is it possible that they noticed? [BTW, you would have learned this and a lot more if you were a Verden Subscriber...]
Well, check out the ad that Aetna ran in the WSJ earlier this week. There it is, clear as day:

Ranked #1 for providing clear information to doctors
The Verden Group, April 2008

It's likely that the folks at the bottom are paying attention as much as those at the top. Kudus to Oxford. And to the Verden Group. That's some validation, imo, of the work being done over there. Good work, Susanne.
This time, next year, we'll all be talking about the Verden Effect.