The Five Biggest Business Mistakes Pediatricians Make – Webinar Replay!

Last week’s webinar, The Five Biggest Business Mistakes That Pediatricians Make, was a remarkable success.  We had over 120 watch the event live and people were tuned in for the entire event.  Here’s a little secret: when you attend a webinar, the hosts can tell when you click on a different tab while you’re listening to the presenter drone on-and-on…the attention level remained at 95%+ the entire time.  Amazing!

Maybe you were busy last week, maybe you’re on the west coast and the timing wasn’t right, maybe you just didn’t know about it – if you want watch now, you can.  Just head here, sign up, and you’ll have access to the entire video.  We are also a day or so away from posting answers to all the questions that came up during the seminar and we’re about to open signups for the next  webinar (about preventive care focus) on Feb 23.  If you sign up here, you’ll be notified of the future topics.

I am always grateful for complaints, comments, or questions – here’s an example of one of the many emails we received later that day:

Just wanted to give feedback about the webinar today – 5 Mistakes to Avoid. This is one of the better webinars that I have listened to.
  *   Practical advice
  *   Engaging presenter
  *   Clear messages
  *   Realistic solutions
  *   Simple slides
So many of the webinars that are out there are heavy in statistics, fancy graphics and frankly just trying to sell you something.  This
was very refreshing and I look forward to the next webinar.”  [Thank you, btw, for the generous compliment]

Why am I going with the hard sell, here?  Because these seminars are fun.  Maybe fun isn’t the right word, maybe it’s rewarding.  We feel like we’re having a really positive impact on pediatric practices.  We have so much great content we can share with people, we will keep producing them if the interest is there.

As promised, the next seminar is about preventive care focus.  Many of you have heard me effectively give this lecture before (I’ve done it at least 20 times around the country), but I have some major updates in store for it.  Sign up now, don’t miss it.