The Five Biggest Business Mistakes Pediatricians Make - Free Seminar

Last year, I was working with our marketing people to focus on our clients' "pain points."  They asked me, "What problems and mistakes do you see the most often in the offices you visit?"  I went into a rant and started writing things on a white board to keep it all organized.  When the pen ran out of ink, I took a step back and realized...hey, this is important stuff.

Since then, I've had the chance to deliver a seminar with the title above: The Five Biggest Business Mistakes Pediatricians Make - Free Seminar, most recently at last week's PMI event.  In each instance, I've had about 45 minutes to cover all the content and take questions.  Now we want to take it to the next level!

In a series of free, on-line webinars, I am going to not only present this topic, but I am going to dig deeply into each of the individual topics.  For example, when I cover "Get out of your office!" or "Do Your Homework" I'm not just going to toss out a few thoughts and move on, I'm going to spend some real time with examples and practical advice.

Interested?  Sign up now.  It's free, no sales pitch.