The Business Impact Of COVID-19 On Pediatric Practices

Of the innumerable comments I've received after a conference or webinar, this may be my favorite of all time:

"Tell your parents you have more people watching you than NCAA bball!"

The only way that statement can be true during the month of March is through the confluence of two events: Coronavirus 2020 and Paul Vanchiere making a seminar happen.  And there it was...980 people on a Thursday night discussing the impact  of COVID-19 on independent pediatric practices.

Here is a link to Paul's page where this is all hosted.  More COVID related material will be appearing there but he's already hosting everything below plus the slide deck, important links, etc.

You can watch the video directly here.

You can listen to the podcast here.

And, most important, you can sign up for next week's followup seminar.  100s of people asked us to repeat, so we're going to update everyone on what we've learned about the COVID impact in a week (which is forever, right now).    It's still free, it's still focused on COVID, and it's about YOU and the challenges in YOUR OFFICE.