Telemedicine Primer

Courtney @ PCC recently put together this piece to help our clients get their heads around the state of pediatric telemedicine.  It's got some clear explanations, excellent resources, and check out this sample from the Table of Contents:

  • Top 5 Themes and Trends
  • Where Are We Today?
  • Current Uses
  • What Counts As Telemedicine?
  • What’s In It For Me? The Case For Telemedicine
  • Obstacles and Issues Around Telemedicine
  • Getting Paid for Telemedicine
  • How Do I Code For Telemedicine?
  • Telemedicine and Pediatrics
  • Telemedicine and Schools
  • How is PCC Addressing Telemedicine?
  • PCC’s Current Telemedicine Tools
  • What Does the Future Hold?

So, grab it here - it's free!

I'm also going to recommend the American Telemedicine Association's most recent report card reviewing the telemedicine laws and programs in all 50 states.  Fascinating stuff, but it shows we're still making a lot of this stuff up as we go along.