AAP Federal Health Care Reform Update

Today, I share a memo from the Federal Affairs desk of the AAP that pediatricians and their staff should consider.   Normally, I gloss over stuff like this (admit it, you do, too), but the comments Obama has made about child health are important and ...
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Insurance Negotiation Continues

The very first blog I ever wrote was about one client's fight with an HMO.  Now, more than two years later, I continue the battle.  Look at this funny message I received today, edited for brevity and privacy:
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New AAP RBRVS Materials

I’ve said more than once that the AAP is the first place pediatricians should go to learn about RVUs.  They have updated it and you can now find their 2009 RBRVS Conversion Spreadsheet on-line.  I got to help out by making a little change to the shee...
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AAP RBRVS Policy Statement (+PP)

The AAP has updated and revised its RBRVS policy statement and it is included in December's Pediatrics.  Yours truly provides the full PDF here, as it remains the best description of the state of RVUs and pediatrics (thanks Siousxie and the COCN).  A...
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Effect of 2009 RVU Changes on Pediatrics

OK, overdue, but done.  Here's what I did...I took the top 40 RVU-valid CPT codes that our clients have performed over the last 12 months and fit them into an overall model comparing the 2008 Transitioned Non-Facility Rates to the 2009 Transitioned N...
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When A Broken Furnace Leads To A Sore Neck

So, the furnace broke some time last night, just in time for our first real snow.  As I waited at home for the repair guy to arrive (his truck broke down on the way), I’ve had to be on the phone with my neck scrunched for the last hour.  Which means ...
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being invited back to the EntreMD podcast with Dr. Una.  Apparently, our last podcast was her most popular podcast in all of 2020!
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