Extended Office Hours

I have written here extensively about the various "scheduling based codes" and their usage - or lack of usage - among pediatricians, but have made the mistaken assumption that most of you reading here actually have extended office hours.
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Billing Services

2009 has been the year of billing service pain.  Right now, Igor and I are talking to no fewer than five pediatric practices who are suffering at the hands of bad billing services.  Here are some of the things I've seen and heard recently:
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ICD-9 For 2010 and Pediatric Shortage Myth?

Today's first important alert comes from Siouxsie, who was kind enough to forward the official list of ICD-9 changes for 2010.  Pediatric offices should read them carefully, as there are some doozies in there.  New codes for Colic, Irritability, Impu...
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being invited back to the EntreMD podcast with Dr. Una.  Apparently, our last podcast was her most popular podcast in all of 2020!
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