Seminars, NCE, and ICD-10!

I will be in Orlando on December 3 and 4th as part of the Coding Conferences event.  I'm teaching classes about setting prices, compensation models, and paying employed clinicians.  Come see me!  If you're really interested, let me know and I can offer a few people special discounts on the event as my guest - drop me an email.

Just a reminder that I will also be at the AAP NCE from Thursday through Tuesday or something crazy.  If you want to talk about your practice, let me know!  I'm thinking of doing a roaming podcast!

Finally, I plan to introduce an on-line form (or something, we're working it out) where we can all share our post Oct 1 ICD-10 experiences - who is paying/denying for what, when, and where?  The goal is to post a public document for everyone to read.  We're going to use the zillions of claims we process every week to look for issues proactively, but everyone is going to see something different.  More to follow soon!


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