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Seeking Pediatric EHR Insight

August 07, 2017 / 0 Comments / in ehr / by Chip Hart

Update: We've received an overwhelming response to this market survey so we are no longer looking for more input!  I'll be back soon with the results.

There is a problem in pediatrics today...

...and we continue to try to solve it. We're looking for your guidance.

PCC spends a lot of time speaking with clients. It's a powerful - the ONLY - way to find out what they need. Can you heal patients with a great blog post or without even hearing or seeing them? No. Neither can we. So we talk to our clients every chance we get and the payoff is real.

Right now, we'd like to spend more time speaking with non-clients. Not potential clients, mind you, but independent pediatricians who don't use PCC and may never plan to - which, by my measure, is the majority of my blog readership. Our goal is to gain insight into what makes a pediatrician choose a particular EHR solution. What are the needs of pediatricians seeking EHRs, are they being met, and what are they hoping to improve?

To make this happen, we're seeking 20-25 non-PCC practices to spend ~35 minutes on the phone with our market research partner. In exchange for a friendly, ANONYMOUS phone conversation, we'll provide a $200 honorarium. But there's a catch.

In true PCC spirit, I thought it might be valuable if we shared the results. That's right, we're sponsoring a market study and making the results public. Why? Because, as a mission-driven company, our goal is to improve the lives of pediatricians and their patients, not just our shareholders. If we can share research that might help those of you without, say, a pediatric-specific EHR, then everyone wins. PCC isn't afraid of competition...to be honest, it would be good to finally get some!

To participate, just take a minute to answer one question and give us your contact information. We are looking for a certain distribution of practices based on size, location, and EHR-familiarity. Once we get our magic list, we'll alert everyone and the market research crew will do their work. Once completed, I'll share what we learned here. My hope is that the next independent pediatrician staring a hospital-based EHR in the face will be able to use the data to fight being steamrolled.

Executive summary: non-PCC clients willing to be interviewed anonymously will earn $200 while PCC makes public the results of our market research. No sales pitch involved, you know us better than that.

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