Resolution Revolution, Part 2!

The resolutions keep coming.  I love these!

From Dr. Brandy McCray of Through The Years Pediatrics; the message is in short-hand because it was sent via text:

My to do PM list for 2014 is long. It builds on what we accomplished this year (new website, CHADIS incorporation, Facebook, team integration, tighter collections, awesome A/R, Saturday clinics, flu clinics, spot vision screener to name a few accomplishments).
In 2014, we will review all contracts focusing on BCBS (just found out there is a HUGE market shift here which will cause our BCBS % to increase significantly and decrease our Humana); recontracting with Cigna if contract is good; increasing Saturday clinic visits; more flu clinics with enough vaccine for parents; revamping parent handbook with clearer policies and expectations; well visit info with handouts on website; tightening recall schedule; solidifying sublease with psychologists and pedi neurologists and possibly others; identifying other marketing strategies, considering online bill payment; looking at new credit card processor; looking for new bank as ours just notified it would start charging fees! So where to start????

I love this response for a couple of reasons.  First, it starts by recognizing and celebrating all accomplishments from this year.  Second, I like long lists even though the professional organizers suggest otherwise.  In this instance, I'd see which of these fun tasks I could punt to the staff (on-line payments, new bank) or third parties (negotiation).  If Dr. McCray checks off 1/2 of these, it'd be amazing.

Another, this one from Dr. Brian Patterson of Patterson and Tedford Pediatrics:

My 2014 PTP resolution...kinda taken from Scott Adams' new book, "How to Fail at Almost Everything And Still Win Big."
PTP is concentrating not on specific goals but rather reviewing each of our systems (e.g., how do we recall patients for appointments, how are payments accepted, processed and deposited, etc.) to be confident they are producing optimal results.  The focus really is to create a "PTP way of doing everything" and then holding our people to our service standards (yea, like the Disney Institute seminar in Orlando).  I am confident the results will continue to improve.

Love it!  Can't wait to hear about the results.  Another one, this time from Kim Mallinger of Cedar Park Pediatric & Family Medicine:

My new year’s resolution is to do a better job of identifying metrics for our marketing efforts, as well as putting tracking methods in place. I hope to work with our front desk to collect that information on the front end and then be able to run reports in our practice management system so that we can understand which marketing activities are working best for us. I know there are marketing reports that can provide this insight, and part of this resolution is to learn how to effectively pull those reports or customize it to be able to analyze them on a monthly or quarterly basis.

I'm opening gifts early with messages like this.  Kim, I'd love to hear more about the types of marketing analysis you want to do and what items you want to measure.

Last, but not least, is this resolution from a well known, but here anonymous, SOAPM poster:

My New Years Resolutions will to try to be less opaque and less irritating. :-)

I'm going to have a tough time choosing.