PMI, Pediatric Supergroup, Silent Disco, Madhouse!

I know that quite a few of my readers will be at the PMI event in Miami shortly.  I'll be there with a sizable PCC crew, so if you'd like to spend a few minutes of focused chatting let me know and I will gladly carve out some time.  Experience tells me that madhouse will make chance opportunities difficult.

I'd like to also draw attention to two special events during the conference:

  • The Pediatric Supergroup meeting is a packed half-day pre-conference option for practices who are part of (or considering joining or creating!) a pediatric supergroup.  Take a look at the topics and speakers - some of the strongest content of the week.  There is still room to sign up.
  • Saturday night, post-conference features a celebratory Silent Disco Party hosted by Dr. Katrina Skinner.  Food, drinks, and dancing - or NOT DANCING! - as you see fit (that's the cool part of a silent disco).  If you're still in town when the conference ends, sign up a have a blast.