Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon (More UHC/Ingenix and Oxford/Alerts)

Just as Dr. Stoller hit PedTalk with the info, I was reading the teaser over on FierceHealthcare:

Now, a consumer is raising the stakes a bit by attempting to get class action status for a suit against Ingenix itself.

I've written about my experience with the Ingenix "data" and their relationship with UHC, though I did conclude that this issue would go nowhere. Now that a consumer has gotten in on the deal, perhaps I'm wrong. I can only hope.

In the good news department, get this: Oxford just announced that they are changing the way their policy updates are communicated on-line. Instead of just listing the policies, they are providing a summary for each (like Aetna). This is much more human-friendly and will go a long way to improving their scores in the Verden Report. Given the proximity of this action to the release of the data which shows them scoring so poorly, I can only wonder what the coincidence level is. I'd like to think it was the Verden Group that pushed this into happening. Oxford would, of course, tell us that they have been working on this "for months" I am sure.