I suspect that most of the readers of this blog are already well aware of PedTalk, the original and longest-running public pediatric discussion group. If you're not familiar with the mailing list, here's the summary: started in 1996, archived publically since 1997, usually somewhere between 350 and 600 active readers with thousands of visits to the archive every week.

I mention PedTalk because the list, right now, is on fire with some great discussions relating to insurance in particular. It's one of the few places on-line where you can really read a practicing pediatrician's view on immunizations. Or hear how United Health Care, whom I pick on often, is actually well regarded in different parts of the country. Or read, like here, the real stories of practices who have negotiated with insurance companies.

PedTalk's activity waxes and wanes, but right now the list is very active with generally excellent conversation. Check out the archives, or sign up.