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Lean Principles and Pediatric Practice Management

In theory, and you may not even realize it, I've switched to a new blog platform. I mention this only so that if something doesn't seem right, please tell me! What could go wrong, I don't know, but let me know if it does.

The seats at the Pediatric Supergroup Meeting in DC in May are filling in quickly, which is good. One reason is that we will unveil Susanne Madden's first "Lean" topic. Sure, there are plenty of other really cool topics, but this one is special. Here's a note she sent out to a group of pediatricians who had indicated they were interested in this subject previously that I thought I would share:

You all expressed interested at some point or another on the SOAPM mailing list about getting a dynamic work design workshop up and running, addressing lean principles and process improvement.

I am launching this at the Pediatric Supergroup Conference in Washington, DC, May 2-4th, so if any of you are remotely interested in that conference, I would encourage you to attend if you can.

What: Dynamic Work Design (Lean, Root Cause, Analysis)>

When: Thursday, May 3, 2018, 10:15 am

Who: Susanne Madden, MBA, CEC

Understand various continuous improvement strategies and models, and learn which ones are best applied to a dynamic work setting such as medical practices and large organizations. Develop a culture of improvement by implementing principles and building on them over time, through recognizing value-added aspects of work. Ensure that business targets and improvement activities are tightly linked at every level and learn how to design workflows optimally from the beginning.

You do not need to be a supergroup to attend! If you are in a large group practice, or a small one considering joining forces with others through clinically integrated networks, management services organizations, single tax ID supergroups, or simply want to know what is coming next, then this conference is for YOU.

BONUS: We will close the conference by kicking off a business association designed for INDEPENDENT MEDICAL PRACTICES ONLY and run by physician leaders (and some non-physician leaders, like me). First goal? Tackle direct-to-employer contracting for independents . . . it's ON!

Susanne Madden, MBA, CCE
President & CEO
The Verden Group | Patient Centered Solutions | The Policy Authority
48 Burd St | Suite 104 | Nyack | NY 10960
Editor-in-Chief, Verden ViewPoint
CoFounder, Independent Practice MSO

So, why aren't you signed up yet?

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