Pediatric Supergroup Meeting Announcement

Mark your calendars.  Details are forthcoming, but during the week leading up to Memorial Day, 2016, PCC plans to host a "pediatric supergroup" meeting in NYC.  You are invited.

This isn't a "PCC" conference.  This is for any practice who belongs to, or is interested in learning more about, pediatric supergroups.  What's a supergroup?  We're leaving that vaguely defined right now, but it's any group of pediatricians who are integrated in some way. As we know, a supergroup in CA looks very different from a supergroup in FL.  Do practice with 20 other pediatricians?  Have you recently merged with 3 other small practices?  Is the local hospital hoping to purchase your practice and make you part of their local network? Are you putting together a group of like-minded pediatric practices to develop a clinical improvement program? If any of these ring even vaguely true, this event will be for you.

Over the next few weeks, we need to solidify an agenda. Although we think we have some really cool ideas so far (and we're close to announcing a few of the speakers), we want to reach out to the very people we hope to attract to the event to make sure we have our priorities straight.

Thus, a survey is born:

We're looking for quick feedback to confirm that we are working on the right topics and the right speakers. And we're trying to gauge interest so we size our location properly.

If you are possibly interested in this event, we'd appreciate it if you could take 2-3 minutes to complete the survey. And tell all your friends in the pediatric supergroup world.

Questions, comments welcomed!