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Pediatric Practice Management Mediacast

December 21, 2012 / 0 Comments / / by Chip Hart

[01/03/13 Update: with the release of our latest episode, we have the Google Community page running nicely and the podcast is available both directly and in itunes (search for "pediatric practice management" or click there).  Please subscribe as we expect to deliver a new episode every two weeks.

It's alive and it's official, even though it could still use plenty of polish.

The biweekly episodes of the Pediatric Practice Management Media Cast are now also delivered in podcast form as well as video form, making it easy for you to listen to us while working out or in your car or while fixing dinner.  No need to stay glued to a computer screen.

We believe we have also found a permanent home for the video postcast, and that's in our new Google community.  Ideally, you can subscribe to feed you prefer most, video or audio.  We expect to have the podcast added to the iTunes list any moment now, though it may be delayed until the 28th.

Brandon and I have already shot the 3rd episode (Billing Services, Pros and Cons) and the 4th will probably focus on what I'll call Front Desk Benchmarks, per the request of a big fan. Episode 3 is scheduled to air during the first week of January.

Keep your comments and requests coming!  We are delighted to focus our attention on the subjects you want to hear about.

To recap:

To watch the videos and subscribe to updates, head to Pediatric Practice Management Media Cast Google Community.

To listen to the Pediatric Practice Management Podcast, which is the audio version of the podcast (and you don't need to see our ugly mugs), head to the Pediatric Practice Management podcast page.

Please join the community!  More soon.

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