Pediatric Patient Recall Strategies Recorded Webinar

A few weeks ago, with the help from some friends, we hosted a webinar on the topic of Patient Recall Strategies for pediatricians.  We had more than 50 attendees (which is a lot for these things) and I was glad to get this particular subject recorded for reference.

If you weren't able to attend (or if you were and you just can't get enough of my mania), you can now view or download the video for yourself.  Share, enjoy, tell all of your friends.  Most importantly, though: recall your kids who need well visits.  There are lots of them.  Yes, you have to give us your name and click through things, but the obstacle is small and we don't pester people.

Don't miss the other free pediatric coding videos we just posted - Jan's work is awesome.

Download the Pediatric Patient Recall Strategies Webinar!