Pediatric Business Mistake #1: Lack of Preventive Care Focus

A couple weeks ago, we ran a live seminar, The 5 Biggest Business Mistakes Pediatricians Make.  More than 120 people watched it live and, no kidding, the video replay has had thousands of  downloads.  The second of the series of six webinar events runs on Friday, February 23rd, and is free to all.

We got great feedback from the first webinar and I expect them only to get better as we go along.  Friday’s focused topic is Pediatric Business Mistake #1: Lack of Preventive Care Focus and is an extension of a topic I’ve presented many times around the country.  If you’ve seen it before, I have some excellent new material.  If you’ve never seen it, now’s your chance for free.  What will we discuss?

  • the impact that a proper preventive care program will have on your practice
  • data and benchmarks that will help you assess your performance
  • real life tips and tricks to improve your clinical response and financial impact
  • ..and I’ll leave 15 min to answer questions.  Here’s a secret for blog readers: I’m going to offer prizes for good questions.  Seriously.

Sign up now!

Presuming all goes well, we will follow up next month with Business Mistake #2: Do Your Homework.  We are going to open signups for that shortly, be prepared to learn about:

  • the measures and benchmarks every pediatric practice should know
  • avoiding classic financial report mistakes
  • adopting a consistent management To Do list
  • leveraging Evidence Based Practice Management 

Hope to see you there.