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Pediatric A/R Data

n a day or so, I'm going to do an interesting followup on our examination of the impact of the economy on pediatric practices, so something related to tide you over

For reasons I can't explain, our clients have seen their median A/Rs drop significantly in the last quarter.  Note that if there is a negative effect on visit/charge volume as a result of the economy, then this figure should go up.  That it has gone down so much is very interesting.  Any takers on an explanation?  I'd love to see it's our remarkable pediatric practice management software - and perhaps that's part of it - but it has to be something more.  Any non-PCCers seeing the same thing?

 Q4 Year  A/R Days
 Difference, '03
 Difference, Year-to-Year
 2003  37.4 0.0%  0.0%
 2004  34.7  -7.2%  -7.2%
 2005  32.9  -12.0%  -5.2%
 2006  32.2  -13.9%  -2.1%
 2007  30  -19.8%  -6.8%
 2008  26.5  -29.1%  -11.7%

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