This Is The Best Time In History To Be A Pediatrician (PedChat Interview)

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Zac Litwack, the "Director of Growth" from GoCheck Kids.  I get a lot of emails from the endless list of startups focused on getting attached to our customer base, so I didn't take it too seriously.  But I try to be polite, so I responded, and it was quickly clear he wasn't trying to sell me (and our clients) something. He wanted to talk and learn about PCC and our mission to help pediatricians.

After a couple great conversations (he introduced me to Story Branding), he asked if I'd be willing to be part of his PedChat series.  Now, asking me to talk for an hour is like asking me to breathe, so it wasn't like I was doing him a favor.  But the process of talking through your beliefs is almost always enlightening, so I appreciate this opportunity. 

I talk about the future of pediatrics, the future of PCC, the importance of preventive care, and a lot more.  You may be sick of me at this point, but check out the PedChat community and listen to some of the visionaries Zac has already captured on video. 

I was impressed by Zac's interest in not only making pediatricians' lives better, but the focus of GoCheck Kids to get as many kids screened as possible.  Preventive care is the past, present, and future of pediatrics.  For what it's worth, Zac just sent me the link above to the interview, I had to ask him for some copy to share about GCK.  Here's the important part:

GoCheck Kids - Photoscreening on an iPhone: A part of the movement to screen 20 million children by 2020. When it comes to meeting AAP guidelines and filling care voids, many pediatricians feel stuck due to high device costs and cumbersome workflow requirements. GoCheck Kids helps pediatricians detect vision issues at a low cost and with easy deployment so their patients don’t become blind or experience reduced developmental milestones.